Decorating my bedroom & London Skyline

Over the past month I have been redecorating my bedroom, had new carpet fitted and a fresh lick of paint on the walls. I still have my new desk to order which I am far too excited about. So when the lovely people at Photowall contacted me and offered me a free print from their collection, I jumped at the chance. I have no art on my walls at the moment. On visiting their website and seeing the London Skyline canvas, I fell in love. I love London and loved that it was colourful, a great statement piece for my bedroom.

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My Bullet Journal

Hello you beautiful people,

This post has been a long time coming, I have had a lot of people message me asking about how to start a bullet journal, how I use my bullet journal, where I got it from etc. So I thought that I would write a post all about it – which makes me very happy, I’m such a stationery nerd.

Before I dive in, just a disclaimer to say this is not a sponsored post, I purchased all the products featured in this post with my own money. I just really love bullet journals.

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New year, new goals

Hello, sorry for me being so MIA on my blog for the past week or so, I haven’t been very well and currently still feeling poorly.  But I am writing this from the comfort of my bed, on painkillers, a lot of lucozade and my comfy dressing gown. Basically just a hot mess. Happy New Year to you all, I hope you had a lovely time celebrating Christmas and new year.

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Time to reflect on 2017

Can you believe that it is nearly the end of 2017? I mean where has the time gone?

Looking back, reflecting, thinking about the whats ifs are all natural feelings especially at the end of a year. I think its always important to reflect on the year and be grateful for all the positive things that have happened and what I have achieved. No matter how bad you feel a day/week or a year has been, there are always positives.

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Favourite bloggers of 2017

I cannot believe that we are coming to the end of 2017, I mean where has this year gone? These past 3 months of posting on my blog have been great, I have received such great support and advice. This blogmas, I didn’t post everyday, I posted several times a week though. Christmas themed posts, were so fun to write and enjoyed reading other blogger’s festive content. Next year I will definitely try and post everyday!

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