6 steps to be more organised |

These past couple of weeks have been really busy for me. I have had family commitments, work, going to the gym and trying to fit time into blog. I have also been busy sorting out my compensation claim with my solicitor and I found myself very unorganised with no sense of productivity. Therefore, I have been taking steps to ensure I am being as organised as I can be. I thought I would share with you 6 steps I have been taking to become more organised.


Or tidy room, tidy mind. I find that when everything is tidy and in the right place, it stops me stressing when trying to get ready for the day ahead. Especially if I am busy, I like to know where everything is and I am not frantically searching for one thing I can’t find. A good de-clutter or spring clean is always so therapeutic. I also find if my bedroom is clear and tidy I sleep better also.


I love making lists (stationery geek). I make lists of important tasks that must be done by the end of the week, this is so I do not miss any important tasks. Then on my days off I will often write daily to-do lists, to make my days off productive. There is something so satisfying about ticking an item off my list haha!


I find it important to know what my limits are and not too stretch myself too thin. If I take on too much, I can become stressed which leads to me becoming so unorganised. It also means I sometimes don’t have enough time and therefore for me it would not be my best quality work. So I make sure I only say yes if I know I have the time to complete the task. Don’t be afraid to say no!


I fill in my diary and write down all the events and occasions of the week. I can then look at how my week is mapping out and make sure I allocate time to spend time with family and have some “me” time also. If I don’t have it with me, I will use my phone calendar and then transfer it over to my diary later. This means tasks do not get forgotten about.


I write in my journal everyday, although it doesn’t directly help with being physically organised it does mentally. Writing down all my thoughts, feelings and about my day helps me clear my mind. If I’ve had a bad day or I have been worrying about something I can put pen to paper and it helps me feel calmer and less stressed. When I am calmer, I find it so much easier to be motivated at being organised.


When I know that I have a busy day planned, I always try to make sure that I get my outfit ironed ready, my bag packed. It means in the morning I am not running around trying to find an outfit. If everything is ready, I can usually have a few extra minutes in bed, which is a bonus!

These are just a few key things I do to try and be a bit more organised. What steps do you take to be more organised?





A day in Southampton|

Yesterday marked the first of 6 days off from work, so for a change I decided to go to Southampton for the day. I got the train (which I enjoy doing, weird I know) in the morning. It started off such a dry day, boy did that change, haha!

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6 ways to a self-care Sunday |

When I was younger although I would participate in self-care activities, I didn’t really understand the importance of practising these regularly. I would say in the past year I have ensured I take time to show myself, care and self love. Self-care activities are such a useful tool especially when I am suffering badly with my anxiety. I make a point on Sundays of making me take some “me” time.

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February Favourites |

I can’t believe how fast February has gone by, as it seemed like January lasted so long. I hope you have had a great February. I have had my birthday and lots of birthday treats as well as starting my slimming world journey so this month has been a busy one for me. I thought I would share with you some of the things I have been loving this month.

So lets get started….

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Q&A with Bournemouth Girl

Hello you lovely people, I hope you are having a good week so far. I thought as I have had some more followers on my blog (thank you for following and welcome), it would be good to do a Q&A post. This post is in collaboration with Jess so make sure you check out her blog post and her answers to the questions. I took to twitter to ask for questions and had some great questions sent. So let’s get started.

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Decorating my bedroom & London Skyline

Over the past month I have been redecorating my bedroom, had new carpet fitted and a fresh lick of paint on the walls. I still have my new desk to order which I am far too excited about. So when the lovely people at Photowall contacted me and offered me a free print from their collection, I jumped at the chance. I have no art on my walls at the moment. On visiting their website and seeing the London Skyline canvas, I fell in love. I love London and loved that it was colourful, a great statement piece for my bedroom.

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My Bullet Journal

Hello you beautiful people,

This post has been a long time coming, I have had a lot of people message me asking about how to start a bullet journal, how I use my bullet journal, where I got it from etc. So I thought that I would write a post all about it – which makes me very happy, I’m such a stationery nerd.

Before I dive in, just a disclaimer to say this is not a sponsored post, I purchased all the products featured in this post with my own money. I just really love bullet journals.

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